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Always Remember to Smile

With all of the ups and downs in the world today, remember to always smile. Easier said than done, right? Totally! However, let me just remind you of some of the benefits of smiling.

  1. Smiling helps you stay positive and elevates your mood.

  2. Smiling makes you look more attractive and younger. (Emphasis on More)

  3. Smiling can enhance your overall health and boost the effectiveness of your immune system. Let's face it, we can all benefit from a healthy immune system with the spread of COVID-19.

  4. Smiling makes you more approachable and friendly.

  5. Smiling is contagious and creates a ripple effect.

Kirk Franklin has a gospel song entitled, "Smile," that I love to play whenever I'm feeling down. Here's the bridge of the song:

"I smile, even though I'm hurt see I smile

I know God is working so I smile

Even though I've been here for a while

I smile, smile.

It's so hard to look up when you look down.

I sure would hate to see you give up now

You look so much better when you smile, so smile.

Today's a new day, but there is no sunshine."

With that said, remember to always smile. Smile through your hardships and your pain with the spirit of knowing that your future is bright and God has a plan for you.

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