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Is Spring Here Yet?

Updated: Mar 12

According to the calendar, we have 53 days left before Spring. Not too bad! These past few months, I've really missed spring and summer. Warm weather, long days, blooming nature, and outdoor activities are what I long for. Last week we were slammed with snow and this week we've had rain, rain, and more rain. Even as I reminisce and yearn for spring, I can't help but reflect on the importance of winter. While we often dread the harsh cold temperatures, winter is necessary for growth. It serves as a period of rest for us all; even the snow nourishes the soil, allowing plants to grow stronger and more abundant. Winter is necessary for rebuilding. It'll be over in no time. I just can't wait!

"Winter is the time of sacred balance and rejuvenation of life in preparation for the coming spring. It represents abundance, teaching, and gratitude."

-Noelle Vignola

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