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Planting Season

It's officially planting season and I'm exited. I have big plans for my little garden this year. I plan to expand a little and grow food both indoors and outdoors. As of now, I'm a bit off schedule due to the sporadic weather conditions. April showers bring May flowers is what comes to mind whenever I so much as look at my garden beds. The soil is so clumpy and muddy now. I have to wait till its at least 80% dry before I can put anything in the ground. According to the forecast, I predict that it'll be late next week, before things will really begin to dry. I'm hopeful that the rain will nurture the earth and support the growth of my vegetation. I can't wait to harvest nice juicy, plump tomatoes for my spring salads. I've been dying all winter for fresh herbs and peppers to include in my flavorful dishes. I can't wait..... pictures coming soon!

Mojito Mint
Mojito Mint

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