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African Cuisine in H-Town

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

During my visit to Houston, TX, I was encouraged to try this restaurant called Amala Zone. I'm a big fan of Nigerian and West African dishes and this place had just what I needed. The food was delicious and palate pleasing. The fish was hearty and perfectly cooked. Everything tasted pretty good but I'd say that the best part of my meal was the egusi. It was surprisingly flavorful and delectable. Both dishes were soul satisfying. I would strongly recommend this restaurant if you are a fan of West African food. The customer service was great and the restaurant was nice and clean. They also have a house DJ that performs during the week. Check Amala Zone out at or on ig(@amalazone).

Pictured* Okra Stew and catfish

Egusi,catfish,and pounded yam

Houston, TX

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