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Firebirds was 🔥🔥🔥

The ambiance, service, and menu offerings at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill are often praised for providing a delightful dining experience. The restaurant is beautiful to say the least. Warm lighting, rich wood tones, and elegant decor contributes to a refined and welcoming setting. The soft background music enhanced my overall experience, creating a pleasant and relaxed environment. My server was pleasant and I was stoked at how quickly my food arrived. The menu met my standards for a typical steakhouse. I was actually quite surprised by the variety of menu items that accommodated my diet restrictions.

The Baja Shrimp Pasta was delectable. The cream sauce played a crucial role in elevating the dish. A took a bite of The Caprese Chicken Pasta and it was just as delicious. The marinated tomatoes, basil, and spinach was well balanced and created a great combination that was savory and comforting. Check out your local Firebirds by visiting and on ig(@firebirdsgrill).

Baja Shrimp Pasta
Baja Shrimp Pasta
Caprese Chicken Pasta
Caprese Chicken Pasta

Bartlett, TN

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