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Hidden Gem in Bartlett (PHO 64)

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

I've been on the search for a local Vietnamese restaurant that offers traditional cuisine. I stumbled upon Pho 64 after I missed my turn and ended up in a neighborhood center in Bartlett. Pho 64 has a real cozy diner vibe with sweet aromas that hit you as soon as you step inside. The hidden gem is know for its rice noodle soups, spring rolls, & other Vietnamese classics. During my visit, I ordered Curry tofu with mixed veggies. The flavors were absolutely amazing.

Cooked with lemongrass, mixed veggies, coconut milk, peanuts and curry spices, this dish had my taste buds hyped and stimulated. The tofu was perfectly cooked with a light crispiness. The peanuts paired well with the flair of the coconut milk. Overall the dish had a little touch of heat, but wasn't too spicy. Normally served with steamed rice, I opted for noodles. Grab yourself a bowl of pho and share your thoughts. Check out Pho 64 on Facebook at

Bartlett, TN

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