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Local African Cuisine (Bala's Bistro)

Interested in trying some African Cuisine with American flare? You gotta try Bala's Bistro. They offer a variety of both West African and American dishes. They also have a pretty good vegetarian selection. I've visited several times and one of my favorite menu items is the Seafood Okra Stew. The spices and seasonings really bring out the flavors of the okra, veggies, and seafood in the dish. Some other menu items that I enjoy is their Jollof rice, Yassa, and Saka Saka. several times and I think Jollof rice, Yassa, or Saka Saka. Check Bala's Bistro out at or on ig(@balasbistro).

Pictured* Seafood Okra Stew

Memphis, TN

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