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The Gastropub of Gastropubs

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Chicago is known for having some of the most iconic bars. During my last visit to Chicago, I stopped by Copper Fox Gastropub. When I initially heard the term "Gastropub," I was kinda baffled. Sounded like a place to go for stomach issues, however it's quite the contrary. It's more like a place you visit to fill your stomach with food, and alcohol. A gastropub is a hybrid between a pub, bar, and restaurant. This place was a sure delight. It was upbeat, yet chill and relaxed. I really liked the ambiance. It was really warm and cozy. The food and the service was exception. Check out Copper Fox Gastropub at or on ig(@copperfoxgastropub).

Pictured* (Pan Roasted Salmon- Juicy,Crispy,&Delicious)

Signature Old Fashioned

Few Good Peaches

Chicago, IL

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