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Sunday Brunch at Edge Alley

Last month I enjoyed an amazing brunch with some of my favorite people. We visited this charming establishment with an artful creative flair and eclectic atmosphere called Edge Alley. Everyone’s dish was beautifully plated and looked incredibly delicious. Since everyone went to immediate chow down after receiving their orders, I didn’t get to capture any of the tantalizing dishes lol. I started with a sharable cinnamon sticky bread paired with a eye opening cocktail called, “The Good Stuff.” It was soooo goooood. Yummy! The Good Stuff consisted of house roasted coffee with a shot of bourbon whiskey, vanilla bean whip, and cinnamon. Afterwards, I enjoyed an order of French toast waffles with a refreshing mimosa. I really liked how the berries complimented the custardy, creamy, crispiness of the brioche. I was feeling pretty good after catching up with my friends. I’m not 100% sure what the last drink was, but I believe it was an Irish. Let’s just say I left on a good note. I enjoyed myself and I’m already looking forward to our next brunch date. Check out Edge Alley at and on ig (@edge_alley).

Cinnamon Sticky Bread

The Good Stuff

French Toast Waffles, Eggs and Cheese, and Mimosa

Memphis, TN

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