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Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Updated: Mar 28

If you're looking for cool treats in the city, try out Jeremiah's Italian Ice. I'm a big fan of Italian ice and ice cream so I was thrilled when I found Jeremiah's. Jeremiah's is known for their creatively delicious Italian ice, gelati, and soft ice cream. They offer a diverse array of flavors that cater to every palate. The menu boasts an impressive selection including Jeremiah's Favorites, 24 flavors of Italian Ice and gelati, and soft ice cream. During my visit, I aimed for the Favorites menu. The combinations of layered decadent flavors made for an ultimate frozen treat. I tried the Strawberry Shortcake, Birthday Cake, and Grasshopper. I also tried pina colada and peach gelati. Every bite was DELICIOUS. The possibilities are endless at Jeremiah, ensuring a unique treat for every visit. Prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity offered, making it an accessible indulgence for both casual cravings and special occasions. Check out Jeremiah's Italian Ice by visiting and on ig(@jeremiahsice).

Strawberry Shortcake & Birthday cake Italian Ice and gelati
Strawberry Shortcake & Birthday Cake

Pina Colada & Birthday Cake ice cream and gelati
Pina colada & Birthday Cake
Oreo Cookie Dough, Oreo Double Stuff, Sugar Cookie

Memphis, TN

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