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Girls' Night at the Beauty Shop

My last Girl's Night out included a trip to the Beauty Shop, but not just any beauty shop. We visited a restaurant called the Beauty Shop. Just in case you're wondering, it was previously an actual beauty shop. To this day, they have the original hair dryers and glass bricked booths, which in my opinion, really add to the retro style of the restaurant. It gives major Hairspray vibes. The eatery has a full bar with amazing cocktails. We went for dinner, but I hear that brunch is even better. This place is definitely a must-try. The best part of dinner was hands down the Pan Roasted Barramundi. Every bite was fresh, flaky, and fabulous. It was served with sweet corn, pea succotash, and coconut broth. The coconut broth paired with the almonds was rich and robust. Yummy :-)

If you decide to visit the Beauty Shop, please book your reservations in advance. Check the Beauty Shop out at the or on ig(@beautyshoprestaurant).

Pictured * Grilled Peaches

Grilled Peaches

Creamy Burrata & Blistered Grape Salad

Pan Roasted Barramundi, included sweet corn & Tennessee pea succotash

Pan Roasted Barramundi



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